Your pets deserve health too!

This weekend was a fantastically snowy weekend and I saw an easy recipe for my boys (Frenchie boys). We woke up to beautiful powder on Saturday morning and it was perfect for making these easy treats. I have read lately about dog treats out there that contain horrible things for our pets. Milk Bones being one of the worst treats you can feed your dog. The reason is that they contain BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole). It is a fat preservative that has continuously lead to the development in tumors in lab animals.

Rawhide bones may help with your pet’s urge for chewing but while processing these bones, arsenic and formaldehyde are used. We all know these are very dangerous substances and why would we want to give these to our best furry friends? This is a PERFECT reason why I like to either really investigate what is in our pets’ treats, OR even better, make my own. I found a SUPER easy recipe on Pinterest that seriously took me about 10 minutes to make. Check out the dog treat recipe here!IMG_0203

They only contain 4 ingredients and they are beautifully simple. 100% pure pumpkin, natural creamy peanut butter, a splash of milk, and oats. My dogs were seriously at my feet the entire time I was making them. All I have to say is “Momma is making you treats!” And they would not leave my side. NOW was the time for the real test: see what the dogs thought.


YES!!! These dogs were the BEST behaved dogs at this moment in time! Like all good moms do, I let them lick the extra. I refrigerated them for a few hours after and they were a hit.


I love these dogs and I know most of you adore yours! If so, give them something healthy and whole for treats, instead of buying horribly processed ones at the store. Let me just say, there are some awesome, healthy dog treats out there. But I ask you to look into them before buying.

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