Trying something new…

Happy Friday, ya’ll! Just kidding, I’m totally not southern. I suppose I should say, “Happy Friday, Dudes!” Ok, anyway…

Today I tried a great keto recipe from Maria’s Mixing Bowl. It’s a no bake cheesy lemon pie. The keto crust recipe is inside that link as well. I’ve made several keto recipes in the past, but never anything from the dessert category. It’s always good to try something new. BUT…just know that with trying anything new, there will be times where it is not successful! Just like last night, I tried to make some keto cheez-its with sharp cheddar cheese. I am the airhead that put the cheese on aluminum foil and needless to say the cheese totally stuck to the foil…and it was totally a fail. Next time, I’ll use parchment paper! See? It’s a good thing to make mistakes because next time, it’ll be perfect! pie

Fridays are my “day off”. I say that with sarcasm mainly because I am working on my master’s degree while teaching, and working one day a week at a local Winter Park market. It dumped snow last night so what I’d rather do is go snowboarding! The powder is still coming down and it’s light and fluffy! It really does make me smile! Try something new!

My point of this post is really to encourage you to try something new. I recently turned 42 (shhhhh….Jan. 7), and many people would NEVER think to get on a snowboard for the first or second time. And I won’t lie, I was a bit nervous. At this age, it isn’t as easy to recover and the falls hurt a bit more.  I also have a torn meniscus and hip issues, thanks to years of lifting heavy shit, but I had a little self-talk prior to buckling in. “I got this. Just take your time and learn correctly. You will be fine! You are an athletic person and I KNOW I can do this”. Sounds stupid but all that positive self-talk works! And it works for many more things than just snowboarding. You can apply it to the gym, to weight you’d like to lift, to new sports, new diets, trying a new hobby, jumping into something head first, even if there is a bit of fear within. Fear can be a benefit when it comes to trying something new. It raises endorphins and adrenaline in your brain and body and forces you to attack whatever obstacle that is in front of you. Riding

I suppose all of this are the reasons that I am passionate about getting and staying healthy. It’s NOT for gains in the gym, or losing a bit of weight. It is truly about being able to take on and conquer those little things that you are or maybe have always been afraid of.  If I can stay healthy and able, there are SO many things that I would like to try and do. Try something new! (It’s good for you.)Change

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